Managing Your Property

A team of people, headed by the Group Property Manager is the dedicated interface between landlord and tenant.

Our unrivalled range of professional services mean that we can offer Landlords the best advice: from major project management through to how best to prepare a property for the market with the mobile agents

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Corporate and high-calibre private tenants expect 24/7 service when they rent a property and as a landlord it can be difficult to live up to their expectations.

This is where THE MOBILE AGENTS can help‚ when we are appointed to manage your property we will ensure that both your tenants and property receive the essential professional care required.

Peace of mind for landlords.

Only you know how much time you can spare to deal with your tenant’s telephone calls and the resulting work.

Our comprehensive property management service is designed to give you peace of mind and relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord.

More tenants prefer managed properties.

These days more and more tenants request managed properties, as it allows a more professional service, removing the emotion from both sides.

Our property management package includes services such as collecting rent, handling administration as well as assistance with more complex issues and the provision of a tenant landlord help line.

Comprehensive free inspections.

We carry out two thorough inspections a year providing a full colour report with recommendations and details on any improvements should they be required, giving you reassurance that your property remains in sound condition for future rentals, as well as minimising the cost of repairs, by acting in good time.

What happens if there’s a problem that requires work?

Our property management team will personally visit the property, asses the situation and if possible rectify the problem. You will not be charged for this initial visit if it is something we can put right. We won’t assume that the problem requires a call out and subsequent unnecessary charges.

If we are unable to put right the problem, we will contain it until the appropriate professional trades can be dispatched by ourselves, who can specifically address the nature of the problem we have identified, with a clearer more defined brief from ourselves.

This ensures the right trade is called with the right equipment and knowledge of the situation, so as to minimise the time and cost of putting it right first time.

We continually vet local and national tradesmen, services and suppliers to ensure we only use companies providing the very best quality of workmanship, at a competitive price, on behalf of our clients.

The tradesmen and women we use are known to us for their quality and reliability. All the work they carry out will be warranted by them.

We will manage, co-ordinate and sign off the work to ensure it has been completed as requested and the problem is rectified to everyone’s satisfaction.

Can I use the mobile agents Property Management without letting my property through the mobile agents?

Yes, you can just use the property management service, even if your home is not rented through The Mobile Agents.
We also provide management services for prestigious groups of individual properties that form management companies to look after all aspects of communal area maintenance.

We have a Corporate Liaison department to target the key corporate tenancies as well as extensive corporate relocation agencies and personal contacts successively delivering the best quality tenants to our Landlords.